Fully integrated job board software for staffing companies.

The TempWorks Applicant Portal gives you your very own job board on your own company website. Job seekers can look at – and apply for – jobs quickly, and you get a complete view of the most qualified applicants making your job easier and recruiting more effective.

Indexed by Google

A job posted by the TempWorks job board will come up in a Google job search. This sets us apart from all other staffing software providers, none of whom offer indexed job postings.

By being indexed, you will always increase inbound applicant flow, keeping you’re line of applicants current and relevant to today’s current job marketplace.

Easy for you – and your candidates

With the web-based TempWorks Applicant Portal, your staffers can post job openings right from their desk, and job candidates can peruse job openings – and apply for them – anywhere it’s convenient. Speed up your application process with a kiosk that’s set up in your office, at a customer location or even at the mall!

More face time, fewer key strokes

One great benefit is that all information entered into Applicant Portal goes straight into TempWorks. Now staffers can spend more time interviewing and less time on data entry. You can also easily filter out unqualified candidates with a series of customized questions the applicant must answer while applying.

Resume parsing

Applicant Portal has a resume parsing engine that “reads” the resume and automatically loads the information into TempWorks. How’s that for easy? A candidate can literally have their information loaded within minutes. We built it this way because the best job candidates will quickly opt out of any online application process that doesn’t respect them or their time.

Having an applicant portal could literally make or break your staffing company. Once you have it installed, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Greater control, more qualified candidates and better branding for your business. Call us at 1-877-452-0326 or request more information today!