Less paper. Greater productivity. More profit.

DocCenter is a powerful, paperless solution for W-4s, I-9s and other forms that need to be entered, signed, printed and filed. DocCenter captures form data and signatures electronically. The forms are automatically stored on secure severs, requiring little effort from staff, clients or employees. And the Doc Center paperless document system means no more rooms – or even entire floors – full of unsecured, hard-to-access paper files.

Automated data collection

With DocCenter, employee intake is automated and hassle-free. Electronic forms are pre-populated with data collected directly from TempWorks staffing software.

DocCenter can also collect and enter data from our WebCenter Applicant Portal, capturing accurate applicant information as it comes in.

Electronic signatures and easy document retrieval

The employee simply complete the remaining required information. A service representative verifies and approves it using a signature authorization via a Topaz Systems® signature pad or tablet PC. After the employee and the service representative have signed the document, it converts to a PDF file that is saved directly to the employee’s record in the TempWorks system database.

DocCenter boosts your profitability by reducing time and effort filing out and approving forms, in addition to saving you money on paper costs.

Seamless integration

Paperless staffing fully integrates with our complete line-up of staffing software and service solutions; from initial recruitment, timecard entry, payroll, and HR benefits, to worker’s compensation and invoicing. Maintain, store and access employee records and forms with a minimum of time, effort and space. No more searching through boxes while an auditor looks over your shoulder. No more lost records. DocCenter streamlines your entire business.

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