Easy access to information sparks great relationships.

TempWorks Web Center connects you to the people who make or break your staffing business: your clients and employees. Your clients get 24/7 access to an Internet portal designed specifically for the staffing business, giving them increased control over the procurement process, information management and their costs. You’ll get enhanced customer and employee satisfaction levels and a higher degree of operational control as well. It’s also actually something you can be proud to have on your website!

Make it easy for people to do business

The client portal makes doing business with you easy and convenient. On WebCenter, staffing clients can: check the status of pending orders; view job candidate profiles; review past and recent invoices; create and submit new orders; generate, customize, approve/decline timecards; search and view stored timecard details; track purchase order status and download up-to-the-minute custom reports.

Improve employee access

The WebCenter Employee Portal lets your employees: view announcements and messages from a personalized homepage; maintain a complete assignment log, personal history and year-to-date payroll information; view past time cards; edit current timecards and submit timecards for approval; as well as perform customized searches for open positions.

Make it easy for your staff

Expand your talent pool and match applicants and jobs more accurately. The TempWorks Applicant Portal extends your recruiting as far as the Internet can reach. It lets applicants view detailed job board postings; choose and store jobs in a complete job cart; submit completed profiles and resumes, and even email job postings to others.

Your front- and back-office functions flow seamlessly from initial talent recruitment and sales through payroll, invoicing, and collection.

And now, meet the lead developers behind Tempworks WebCenter: