Staffing-Specific Time and Attendance Solutions

Your client has just asked you to provide time clock hardware or other time tracking infrastructure at its work sites. Where do you turn?

“The TempWorks Time and Attendance solution has been a huge success for our organization. There are so many different time keeping systems that all promise to remove headaches; however, none of them really seem to understand how volatile the staffing industry is. Head counts can dramatically move up and down within a day and other systems seem to have limitations with regards to this, or it just gives you the added challenge of maintaining another database for time and attendance.

With the TempWorks solution, we get to enjoy a completely integrated process. The applicant tracking system feeds right into the time and attendance system which flows right back out to payroll and billing. This system has allowed us to save both time and money on our day-to-day operations.”

Dan Ponce

CEO, Industrial Labor Management Group

There are dozens of time and attendance software vendors in the marketplace, and hundreds of hardware solutions. However, they all have one thing in common; a lack of focus on the staffing industry.

Plug and Play

The TempWorks Time and Attendance solution on the other hand is designed solely for the staffing industry. It’s comprehensive, easy-to-use, and the set-up is practically plug and play.

Your clients will be happy with the on-demand reporting capabilities the system gives them. And you’ll be happy too, as you increase your value to your clients while simultaneously improving your bottom line.

We’ll ensure it fits your staffing business in every detail. You get:

  • Cost efficiency. TempWorks will purchase third party hardware devices that fit your needs perfectly. Our in-house leasing company can even finance these.
  • Depth. Using our vast reports library, we can customize our reporting capabilities to fit your clients’ needs.
  • Control. Database hardware and software are hosted by TempWorks, with options to feed collected data to your staffing software or your payroll provider. You can even have payroll processed internally by TempWorks.

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