Hi, I’m Gregg Dourgarian, founder of Tempworks, and I personally maintain this career page because few things are more important to me than making Tempworks a great place to work.   My approach to hiring is to recruit a team so good that I don’t deserve to be on it.

We are a stable and secure family-owned company yet our teams still deliver with the enthusiasm of a start-up.  We offer a casual work environment, lots of opportunities for advancement, competitive salaries, and a fun culture.

Here for example is a Youtube video with a few of our great product engineers, some of whom have been with me for more than 10 years:


Here’s another if you still have any doubts that we’re absolutely nuts about innovating:


These people are stark raving mad:


Here are the current openings:

Most positions are based at our headquarters in Eagan, Minnesota. Check us out. We would love to continue the conversation about your next career move. We might have a rock ‘em sock ‘em position just for you.

Because we’re committed to offering best in-class solutions across our entire business, our employees come from many different backgrounds. What makes us unique is the ability to combine those capabilities. While each department can compete on its own, together there is no competition. For that reason, we don’t just encourage cross-departmental collaboration, we demand it.  The most important code we’ve written:

TempWorks = I2 (Intelligence x Innovation) + T2 (Technology x Training)

We don’t have an IT department, because at TempWorks, technology isn’t overhead; it’s what we do.

Mobile. iPhone. Android. HTML5. Win8. Tablets. APIs. SQL. C#. WPF. JS/CSS.

If we’re speaking your language, then e-mail your resume to careers@tempworks.com.