Streamline Your
Onboarding Process

You’ve found the perfect candidate to add to your pool. Now, you must take that candidate through the onboarding process. Unfortunately, manual onboarding processes can result in stacks of paperwork, wasted time and lost engagement from new talent.

With the TempWorks onboarding platform, you can streamline your processes, enhance the candidate onboarding experience, save resources, and put your talent to work faster.

Simplify Your Onboarding
Process With TempWorks

Onboard Top Talent
Wherever They Are

The workforce of today is increasingly remote. Your onboarding processes shouldn’t require a trip into your office. With HRCenter, the TempWorks onboarding platform, you can onboard talent regardless of their location or device.

  • Guide talent through the onboarding processes immediately after offer acceptance
  • Enable candidates to fill out forms, answer questions, sign documents, enroll in electronic pay, and more from anywhere
  • Create and store all onboarding forms, including I-9s, W-4s, W-2s, and beyond
  • Customize your processes to determine the ideal balance between in-person and remote onboarding

Reduce Manual Tasks With
Built-In Automation

There are a ton of manual tasks associated with onboarding, from repetitive data entry to sending forms. With onboarding tools, you can eliminate manual tasks and expedite the onboarding process.

  • Use built-in automation tools to streamline everything from data entry to document verification
  • Enable your recruiters to focus on building relationships, retaining talent, and making strategic decisions
  • Uncover the best talent quickly using the automatic resume-parsing engine
  • Use our many integration partners to automate tasks such as background checks

Stay Compliant Throughout
the Onboarding Process

Staffing agencies must have efficient onboarding processes to ensure effective form management and compliance with state and federal requirements. Non-compliance can result in serious consequences, from fines to reputational damage.

Fortunately, TempWorks HRCenter offers a wide range of tools that can help you ensure you’re sticking to the requirements.

  • Take the guesswork out of compliance with automated compliance checks
  • Minimize risks through standardized workflows, secure document management, and more
  • Spend less time ensuring paperwork is compliant and more time growing relationships with your clients and candidates

Use Data to Match Candidates to
the Right Job Orders Instantly

Gone are the days of searching through resumes manually to try and pair talent with job orders that fit. During onboarding, all information and data is stored within the employee record.

This data empowers your recruiters to match candidates to the right opportunities. Plus, your team can take advantage of resume-matching automation to instantly pair orders with available candidates.

Customize Your
Onboarding Workflows

No two staffing agencies are the same. That’s why you need an onboarding platform that can be customized to fit your unique processes. With TempWorks, you can easily tailor your onboarding workflows to fit your business.

Connect the Onboarding Platform With the TempWorks ATS

TempWorks HRCenter connects seamlessly with the ATS. As soon as your candidate has completed onboarding, their record is loaded into the ATS automatically with all accompanying documents and data. You’ll have instant access to the information you need to put new talent to work.

Easily Recruit, Onboard & Place
Talent With TempWorks

With TempWorks, you can eliminate the manual tasks that prevent you from fulfilling client orders and placing talented candidates fast. See our onboarding platform in action within your business by scheduling a demo.


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Enhance Your Onboarding
With Our Integration Partners


What clients say about
tempworks software

Veronica Castellanos


With TempWorks our onboarding process has been enhanced 100%. We went from a 13-page application per employee to about ten or twelve clicks and the entire onboarding process is completed. More importantly, that's data that never goes away.


What clients say about
tempworks software

Josh Anderson


With the tech stack we’ve built with TempWorks, we’ve been able to tailor the product to our needs, resulting in a marked increase in our recruitment stats. Plus, having integrations available directly within TempWorks makes it easier for our teams to access the tools we need, which increases compliance and keeps our data consistent and accurate.


What clients say about
tempworks software

Marnie Byford


In business, delegation is key. Our phenomenal growth is possible because Lone Oak is able to manage the background scene while we focus on building our business. This time and energy frees up our teams to focus on cultivating customer relationships, delivering the strong customer service we pride ourselves on, and developing our teams to be stronger, smarter, and wiser.

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Don’t skip any crucial steps in laying the foundation of your business. With this playbook as your guide, get ready to future proof your business.

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Don’t skip any crucial steps in laying the foundation of your business. With this playbook as your guide, get ready to future proof your business.