Focus on what you do best. We’ll do the rest.

TempWorks is truly the one-stop shop for all of your staffing agency needs. We put our experience to work as the leader in the staffing software industry to bring you the services you need, at a reasonable price.

Services for all sizes of staffing companies include: payroll processing, payroll funding and W-2 printing.

We have been refining our payroll services since the 1970’s, and we have a rock-solid system and a complete range of services all designed to help you work less and make more.

Our trained and friendly staff is here to help you every step of the way – whether it’s regarding your payroll, helping you through year end craziness or just helping clean things up. We pride ourselves in our services to your business.

Experience payroll services that make you the priority.

Reduce wasted hours

TempWorks payroll processing services deliver efficient and reasonably priced employer solutions right where you need them – for non-revenue generating tasks that take time, money and resources.

Software solutions

Unlike most payroll services, PayWorks makes it easy to control costs and processes. And we keep you in charge with integrated software for staffing, CRM and recruitment. Our service bundle includes payroll processing, payroll tax filing and deposits, time and attendance solutions and more. It also includes human resources solutions and real time reporting for optimal HR management.

Easily configurable

Our software can meet the most specific needs for pay-code, shift-premium, overtime calculation, fringe benefit, garnishment, multi-jurisdictional/multi-work state, automatic time retrieval, onsite/offsite printing and error correction messages for the entire U.S. and its territories.

Services for a total solution

Additional services include Paycards that eliminate paper nightmares and delivery costs. And with Benefits Administration, TempWorks will set your company up with benefits that reflect retirement savings and vacation time for each pay period.

Full-service funding

TempWorks is also a full-service funding provider for staffing companies. Complete software and service solutions for recruitment and payroll include payroll funding and processing, credit and collection services, electronic invoicing, A/R and hosted staffing software.