Half the price. Twice the value.

Payroll processing is a huge hassle and a real drain on your business. Don’t waste time, money and resources on non-revenue generating tasks. Let TempWorks Payroll Processing services deliver an efficient, reasonably priced solution for you.

TempWorks handles payroll processing for both small and large companies. We will gladly help you compare our service and prices with those of ADP, Kronos, and Paychex.

Unlike most other payroll services, we keep you in control with integrated staffing, CRM and recruitment software. Take advantage of our expertise gained through working with hundreds of staffing companies to solve complex payroll and billing issues.

We will beat the price of any comparable service. We believe that TempWorks will significantly reduce your costs and add value to your workforce management processes. We will be happy to demonstrate our services.

You Keep Doing Business – We’ll Manage your Payroll

  • Payroll processing. Reduce the wasted hours spent on checking for accuracy and processing payroll information.
  • Payroll tax filing and deposits
  • Software solutions
  • Human Resources
  • Time and Attendance. Customers have the option to use paper time cards, web time entry, or time-clock import to track employee’s time and attendance.
  • Reporting. We’ll give you access to real time reports for optimal HR management, including new hire reporting.

Flexibility and Additional Services

  • Paycards – eliminate paper nightmares and delivery costs using paycards.
  • Benefits Administration – TempWorks will set your company up with benefits that will reflect retirement savings and vacation time for each pay period.

Payroll solutions

TempWorks provides outsourced payroll processing solutions for the United States and its territories for a wide range of clients. Our payroll processing system is capable of handling a full range of pay-code, shift-premium, overtime calculation, fringe benefit, garnishment, multi-jurisdictional/multi-work state, automatic time retrieval, offsite/onsite printing and error correction exceptions.

One size does not fit all

Some of our competitors do very good jobs, But they serve a staffing company, a fast food franchise, and a manufacturing plant with the same piece of software. It is only designed to do one thing; take in HR information and spit out paychecks. With us you get an entire cost-effective, staffing-focused software solution at a subsidized price, because you are already using us for payroll.