Enterprise Software

We designed Tempworks in the 1970s with the idea of eliminating every inefficiency from staffing processes.   In the 1980s that meant fulling integrating front office with back office staffing software, in the 1990s using the internet to to source candidates and furnish customer reports, and in the 2000s, making the entire recruitment process paperless by integrating onboarding, VMS, CRM and email.

And today as we continue on our 2020 development plans, we’ve been busy adding social and APIs that are turning Tempworks into a platform service (PAAS) that gives you the freedom to innovate.

If you read our guide on reviewing and choosing staffing software, you’ll get a sense of why organizations as diverse as Manpower‘s largest independent operations to global recruiters like Michael Page and boutique recruiters like Source One choose us as their growth platform.

You see, staffing software today goes way beyond resume scanning, job order creation, payroll, invoicing and accounts receivable and real-time reporting.   It reaches outside your walls to your customers and your candidates.

For Fullsteam Staffing, paperless candidate onboarding helped it ride a revenue rocket from zero to $100 million in a few short years.   For Safe Staffing, it was the integrated time clock solutions that allowed it as a startup to win major accounts.  And for Sterling National Bank, the largest payroll funding provider to staffing companies, going with Tempworks meant shedding expensive Oracle mainframes and the dozens of people needed to maintain it.

With Tempworks you get a company dedicated to keeping you ahead of your competitors.   Just in the last year, we’ve developed what we believe to be the finest ACA (Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare) cost management system on the market.  We’ve introduced a low-priced biometric timeclock.   And we’ve been constantly improving integrations with e-Verify, background check and drugscreen providers, testing software companies and third-party GL systems.

But we know you enjoy a lot of choices, and we’d like the chance to earn your business provided we’re the right fit.