Case Study:

Accentuate Staffing’s Success with HRCenter and WebCenter



Overview: The need for a robust front and back office solution.

Accentuate Staffing, headquartered in Raleigh, NC, had a successful implementation of TempWorks Enterprise software in 2016. The suite of products implemented included both front and back office capabilities, as well as WebCenter and HRCenter – which have proven to be highly effective for Accentuate Staffing. This case study will review the staffing software selection journey of Accentuate Staffing and the benefits that have been realized from their switch to TempWorks Software.

Accentuate Staffing is in their 21st year of business and provides recruiting and staffing for accounting/finance, office professional, engineering, scientific/clinical, information technology, and light industrial verticals. They process an average of 500 to 700 weekly paychecks and 192 client invoices. To remain competitive in a global staffing industry serving many industry sectors, businesses need to continuously adapt and evolve to keep up with emerging trends. Thus, technology and mobile integrations became a top priority for Accentuate Staffing.

Accentuate Staffing previously used multiple systems to manage both their front and back office needs, and were also self-hosted. Some of the systems they used included WebPas, Sendouts, QuickBooks, and Great Plains. In total, Accentuate Staffing used six systems to manage their business. Efficiency was not on their side. With the daily struggle of pulling reports and importing and exporting data from system to system, a clunky faxed based time/attendance process, and an episode of data loss due to a server issue, Accentuate Staffing needed a change.

Evaluating the options.

Accentuate Staffing evaluated five applicant tracking systems (ATS) available in the marketplace. Of the five identified as viable options, TempWorks Software, Avionte, and Bullhorn made the cut. The final selection was TempWorks Software.

Rob Gooding, Vice President at Accentuate Staffing, recalled the sales experience and mentioned, “the sales and demo process was very low pressure. I was provided with great references to talk with, and our sales representative Rich Petersen was extremely helpful through it all.”

In June 2016, Accentuate Staffing signed on with TempWorks.

Quick adoption and benefits realized.

The adoption of TempWorks staffing software solution went well. The benefits of the systems and ease of use that quickly presented itself paved the way for user, candidate and client approval. Accentuate Staffing saw efficiencies and cost savings almost immediately.

The integration of TempWorks Software’s HRCenter and WebCenter applications brought several measurable benefits, including:

  • HRCenter has been a great user-friendly tool that generates a dashboard for quick visibility to workflow and candidate trends, allowing for informed business decisions…white boards are now a thing of the past!
  • HRCenter, a paperless solution, has allowed seamless communication with candidates, navigating resumes and documents, and collecting signatures with ease.
  • From being able to email paystubs and invoices, to the ability for both clients and candidates to login and complete tasks such as time entry/approval and manage/print W2s and personal histories, processes have become extremely efficient.
  • In the past, Accentuate Staffing had to photo copy time cards and send along a mailed invoice to clients. Today, 97% of their clients are processed automatically in WebCenter!
  • Invoicing and payroll that previously took three days per week to process now only takes a half day!
  • The efficiencies of both HRCenter and WebCenter has reduced Accentuate Staffing’s time investment per week by more than 30 hours. That is almost one full-time employee!

A Word From our Client:

“‘The functionality of TempWorks staffing software solutions, including HRCenter and WebCenter, provides us with the opportunity to scale in a much more efficient and complex manner than our previous systems allowed. I can glance at the dashboard and direct our sales team effectively on key trends and changing objectives based on the data. We have experienced great efficiencies on the recruitment side using HRCenter and on the accounting and time/attendance side with WebCenter. We are excited to grow our business even more and remain on the leading edge of our industry with TempWorks Software solutions.”

— Rob Gooding, VP Accentuate Staffing, Raleigh, North Carolina


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Don’t skip any crucial steps in laying the foundation of your business. With this playbook as your guide, get ready to future proof your business.

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Don’t skip any crucial steps in laying the foundation of your business. With this playbook as your guide, get ready to future proof your business.