Your staffing company’s ability to find, attract, and retain talent is directly impacted by the candidate’s experience throughout their employment journey. A candidate’s journey starts with the job search and extends throughout their employment.

When you support candidates in every step of their journey, your staffing agency can gain an edge in today’s hiring landscape.

A positive candidate journey will:

  1. increase your company’s reputation;
  2. boost retention;
  3. reduce hiring time; and
  4. guard against ghosting.

The candidate journey impacts your brand’s reputation, hiring pool, hiring rates, and retention. With the job market favoring candidates, the candidate experience has become even more important. How do you attract quality candidates, build their trust, and continue to support them once they’re hired?

Learn about seven ways you can create a positive candidate journey.


Help candidates find job postings via job board integrations

  • The first time a candidate interacts with you is likely via a posting on a job board. Make sure candidates can find your job postings using job board and distribution tools such as Data Frenzy. These tools can boost your recruitment efforts and ensure the right job seekers know about opportunities with your staffing agency.
  • Integrated in TempWorks, Data Frenzy allows you to increase your search content through job optimization. With Data Frenzy, you can post jobs to multiple job boards, track applicants, and communicate with applicants via personalized texting.
  • Your candidates can easily apply, interview, and be hired—even before your competitors make first contact.

Streamline the interview process

  • Recruiters are often faced with candidates failing to show up to their scheduled interview. You can make the interview process easier and more efficient for candidates using messaging tools, which allow you to schedule interviews and send out reminders.
  • This process can also be automated, allowing your recruiters to keep in touch with candidates while maximizing efficiency.


Keep in touch with your candidates via messaging tools

  • One of the most important ways you can improve your candidate journey is to keep in touch within Beyond.
  • That’s why text messaging is one of the most powerful tools your staffing agency can use—both during and after the recruiting process. TempWorks partners with automated voice and text integrations such as text-em-all, TextUs, and Sense. These tools improve the overall candidate experience through mass texting and 1:1 communication, automating touchpoints and saving your recruiters valuable time.

Speed up the background check process

  • Your candidate has completed their interview process and you’re ready to hire them, but you’re waiting for a background check to clear. The sooner it’s completed, the sooner your candidate can start work.
  • Integrated within your TempWorks software, background check integrations offer an accurate, efficient screening process. These tools give you a fast turnaround time, resulting in an increased speed-to-hire. When candidates are screened and hired quickly, they build more trust in your brand. A fast time-to-hire can also reduce the chances of ghosting.
  • Background checks make sure you have the criminal, verification and drug testing results you need, preparing you to make wise hiring decisions and protect your staffing agency’s reputation.
  • Our background check partners include First Advantage, PeopleG2, Clear Investigative Advantage, Asurint, Crimcheck, and Universal Background Screening.


Make it easier for employees to submit paperwork

  • Keeping paperwork quick and painless can save your company money—especially when it comes to tax credits. In today’s market, every applicant counts. TempWorks partners with tax credit integration partners such as ADP, Clarus Solutions, CTI, Equifax, MJA & Associates, and TCC to help staffing companies maximize their Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) benefit.
  • The WOTC program rewards employers who hire individuals from targeted groups that often face barriers to employment. But if the employees don’t complete the WOTC survey—because it takes too long, directs them to an outside website, or involves too many clicks—your staffing company can miss out on valuable tax credits.
  • Integrations such as TCC make it easy for candidates. Directly within HRCenter, TCC allows employees to complete their WOTC survey in fewer clicks—all without leaving TempWorks. This next-gen integration reduces abandonment, speeds up time-to-hire, and leads to higher tax credit savings.

Make information readily available via mobile tools

  • The candidate journey doesn’t stop at hiring. Part of creating a positive candidate journey involves keeping in touch with employees after they’re hired and making information readily accessible to them. Doing so increases retention, which improves your staffing company’s bottom line.
  • TempWorks Buzz helps your agency share announcements and job offers with existing employees. Employees can also use Buzz to search for job postings as they near the end of their assignments. On Buzz, employees can check assignment information (such as dress code information, work site addresses, and shift hours). They can also clock in easily via Buzz’s geofencing and facial recognition system.

Ensure employees get paid promptly using pay cards

  • One way to boost your company’s retention is to provide flexible payment options.
  • TempWorks partners with ADP and rapid! to offer pay card integrations directly within TempWorks. Our pay card partners deliver the solutions you need to distribute funds to your employees—even those who don’t have a bank account. Funds can be made in real time through instant funding, and employees can check their balance via their mobile device.

These tips and tools can help you cultivate a positive candidate journey, increasing your hiring and retention rates. When candidates feel supported, they’re likely to recommend your staffing agency to others.



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Don’t skip any crucial steps in laying the foundation of your business. With this playbook as your guide, get ready to future proof your business.