Case Study:

Operon Resource Management’s Enterprise Software Implementation



Overview: Integrating New Staffing Software Technology & The Benefits


This case study reviews the implementation of a staffing company integrating new staffing software technology, specifically TempWorks Software. It closely examines the Boston, MA branch of Operon Resource Management that finished a successful implementation of TempWorks Enterprise software in 2017. They are currently scheduled for the next phase of implementations, which includes TempWorks front office browser-based applications, Web Center and HR Center recruiting tools.

There was a strong participatory approach in the implementation process coupled with extensive user training and support, which contributed to successful technological changeover and adoption. The Operon team has shown great progress since the implementation of TempWorks Software Enterprise. The solid implementation process has positively affected the people, culture, and business at Operon.

Seven areas were identified as key success factors for Operon’s staffing software implementation:

• Evaluating existing platforms and areas for needed improvement
• End user consideration
• Partnership and support from internal IT
• Advanced planning for data conversion
• Professional guidance from TempWorks trainers for customization of modules
• Use of live trainers on-site for a week with highly effective parallel
• Maintaining high customer service levels for the business during implementation

To remain competitive in a global staffing industry, businesses need to adapt to a continuous environment of new technology and mobile integrations to meet their applicant and clients’ needs. Staying competitive means continuing to evolve as an organization and making changes to both process and technology in order to have a viable edge in the industry.

Operon is focused on providing and managing labor for healthcare product manufacturers, including medical device and pharmaceutical companies. Operon is one of the few staffing firms certified to ISO 13845 demonstrating their focus on process and risk mitigation for their clients. Every year, they place applicants in professional, skilled trade, and technical fields with positions ranging from medical device assemblers, quality inspectors, clean room technicians, logistics coordinators and forklift operators.

Operon previously used a front and back office applicant tracking/accounting/payroll system that included limited recruiting tools and database reporting functionality. The limited flexibility of the system in tracking information led to the additional extensive use of shared Google Docs, spreadsheets, and manual process outside of the system, which further contributed to reporting difficulties. To increase efficiency and have better processes/data in place, a need arose to find the right staffing software solution — one that specialized in the staffing industry and afforded flexibility. After much research, Operon chose TempWorks Software as their end to end solution for their staffing business needs.

Key Facts

Operon Resource Management is based in Lowell, MA with additional offices throughout Massachusetts. Operon has made it easy for organizations to recruit and manage a skilled workforce by providing comprehensive workforce management programs and staffing services nationwide, serving startups to Fortune 500 companies. Operon provides leading temporary labor, job training and workforce solutions in the medical device manufacturing field.

Here are the relevant facts: When Operon cutover its staffing software system to TempWorks Software the existing processes in place needed a major overhaul. Operon spent a lot of man hours overseeing and sharing data from spreadsheets and google documents, uploading resumes manually, performing data entry of applicant information, and so on.

Previously, Operon did not have functionality within their ATS to many of the everyday solutions needed for their staffing needs – predominantly, accurate reporting tools and search functionality. Our software addressed those needs. Corrie Judge, Director of Operations at Operon, called for the need to find a tailor-made solution. She was looking for “a robust staffing software solution that had efficiencies in the candidate entry process.” TempWorks Software was that solution.

The advanced planning conducted by Operon was critical to a smooth implementation process. Our trainers really took the time to evaluate and understand how Operon’s existing systems were being used. This allowed us to provide guidance and customization of our software that would address their efficiency needs and challenges. With applicants being tracked daily through the software, rather than by manual processes and in spreadsheets, Operon’s efficiency has improved significantly.

The Scenario: Overcoming Back Office Process Change

Corrie looked at several staffing software offerings available on the market, comparing modules and features. She didn’t want a module from another large software provider that would be able to “handle” the staffing industry—she wanted a staffing software that was built for a staffing company’s needs. Prepared by her repeatedly difficult experiences, her team of SME’s, along with a list of desired baseline software features, she went shopping.


The Value

We delivered on our promises beyond Operon’s expectations. The TempWorks implementation team quickly began the implementation process and worked with Operon to implement their new software and services through data conversion, parallel, on-site training and going live.

The leaders for the Operon team along with Corrie Judge, Director of Operations; Sarah Montoya, Project Manager; and Jon Horn, Payroll Manager; worked with our trainers and implementation specialists to convert their 20 users to TempWorks staffing software. Sarah remarked on how ‘smooth’ the experience was and how appreciative she was of the efforts each one of our team members put into making that possible.

“Our implementation team is there to support you 24/7 and will stay in lockstep with you through the entire implementation process, as well as customize solutions for you that aren’t just cookie cutter options. Our trainers are also there to perform parallel and provide you with the coaching needed to be fully functional on your TempWorks software.”

—Shawna Bradt, Implementation Manager, TempWorks Software


The Outcome: Hire Better People. Faster.

Due to increased software efficiencies, Operon’s recruiters have been able to increase the number of applicants they process by using TempWorks. They work at a higher performance capacity and faster than before — from tracking KPIs, using the enterprise software to make follow-up calls, loading and processing documentation, to performing intuitive searches and pulling reports out of the system, TempWorks Software has led to a more productive work environment at Operon branches.

Operon has seen increased efficiency when performing payroll processing for hundreds of weekly paychecks. This uplift in efficiency is due to have all of the data in one system and the elimination of the multiple tools for data tracking. With software that works for your business and a smooth implementation process, you don’t have to work so hard. Your business can be more productive and profitable so you can get back to doing what you do best.

“The functionality of the TempWorks integration options will enable us to scale in a much more thoughtful and complex manner than our previous ATS allowed. We have already experienced positive changes in the application process lead time as a result of the onboarding products. We look forward to adding in additional complementary products as we grow.”

— Corrie Judge, Director of Operations, (Operon Resource Management Corporate Partner)



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Don’t skip any crucial steps in laying the foundation of your business. With this playbook as your guide, get ready to future proof your business.